Podcast Stuff Notebook


Start a podcast in 30 days.

After spending $10k and failing to launch my first podcast I created Podcast Stuff Notebook as a tool to share my learnings. This is what I wish I had when I first started.

What you will learn

Starting a podcast is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Through my podcast, I have spoken to many amazing individuals and gotten multiple opportunities. However, starting a podcast is very time-consuming. The purpose of this workbook is to share my learnings (so you can avoid making the same mistakes I did) and start your own podcast in 30 days.

Topic covered:

- How to determine if a podcast is for you

- How to choose your podcast format and finding listeners

- How to get started with tools, software, and podcast equipment with no technical knowledge

- Crafting your podcast theme and content

- Identifying guests and how to make the outreach (if your podcast style includes guests)

- Basics of speaking and storytelling

- Distribution and monetization

- Repurposing content

- Asking for listener feedback

- Creating a sustainable growth plan

Goal by the End

“Start and launch your first podcast episode on one platform of your choice with as little financial investment as possible”

What you'll get:

1 x Printable workbook

12 x Templates and Exercises

1 x Physical notebook

What to expect in the printable workbook:

This workbook covers my learnings about starting a podcast and creating a sustainable process. You’ll learn:

Week 1

Know your why

Explore different styles of podcasts

Define your target listener and podcast

Week 2

Select your equipment to record your first episode

How to find and reach out to guests

Record your first episode

Week 3

Basics of speaking and storytelling

Creating assets for your podcast

Upload, share, and repurpose your first episode

Week 4

Take time to reflect

Create a plan for the next 90 days

What to expect in the Podcast Stuff Notebook

A physical notebook to write your podcast ideas and episode details.

- Podcast schedule & calendar

- Prompts to plan, execute, launch, and iterate your podcast

- Breakdown what your podcast is and who your target listener is

- Design your podcast workflow

- Equipment set up reminders

- Space to be creative

- Hold yourself accountable

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Podcast Stuff Notebook

I want this!